Saturday, November 11, 2006

a soaring heart

Michael took the boys off to try and find someone to fix his coffee machine and on the way back Alec asked to go to the beach. Well they stormed in the door and informed me we were going, Alec wanted his beach clothes, I knew what he meant but I hadn't seen them since the last time I took him to the beach in February! Finally he settled on what he called cricket clothes and we were off.

He knew the way to get there and was a little anxious when he thought Michael was going the wrong way but quickly settled when we saw the ocean, thankfully we are only 2km from this beach! He was so excited, the look of excitemnet, happiness and elation were marvelous. it should be noted it had been raining and we were experiencing artic winds, it didn't stop him, he ran right in, skipping and dancing through the water, then he stripped off and started laying in the surf still having a ball... I laughed and cried I was so happy.

It remninds me why I do all the EI when I could quiet happily live in a cave than drive to another session,I do it for days like this!

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